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Dock Wheel & Bumper

We offer 9" & 12" dock wheel with Brackets and dock bumpers, please click the following button to check details

Sea Anchor
  • Designed to slow your RATE of drift and keep you over the fishing ground longer

  • Compact and easy to stow, easy to Use and improves fishing success

  • Also can be deployed as aid for Disabled craft.( not for Storm Use)

Gaff and Harpoon

We offer different size gaff and harpoon for your boat fishing

Fighting Belt

We have different type of fighting belt to make your boat fishing easier

TS-J1 A.jpg
Transducer Mounting Arm for Fishing Finder and Depth Finder

We have 2 different Transducer Mounting arm for Fishing Finder and Depth Finder,

  • 32" Transducer Mounting Arm (FFD6)

  • 44" Transducer Mounting Arm with display screen disc rack

Fender Cover

We offer 3 different size fender cover:

  • (FDS) Fit fender size G-3,4,HTM-1,F-1 & Taylor Made 5.5" to 6.5"

  • (FDM) fit fender size: G-5,HTM-2,F-2 & Taylor made 8"/8.5" fender

  • (FDL) fit fender size: G-6, HTM-3 & F-3

Rods holder

We offer different type of fishing rods holder for both boat and house use,please click the following button and check out details

A Series Buoy

We have 12" and 15" Aseries Buoy with 4mm thickness

Flag Pole

We have different type of fighting belt to make your boat fishing easier

KUFA Sports Boat Cabin organizer Storage Boat Caddy Organizer, Boat Cup Holder Boat Storage Organizer, Cockpit Storage Box with instalation hardware

【Keep Your Cabin Clean and Tidy】This Boat Caddy Organizer can hold your drinks, gadgets, and more. The holes around the edge are great for hanging fishing lines, bait, small knives, pliers, and tweezers, keeping your gear in order and easily accessible.

Copy of B812.jpg

Boating Accessories & Dock Wheel

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