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Rope & Float (Buoy)

Lead Core Sinking Rope

Our Lead Core Sinking Line used for Both Crab Trap and Shrimp trap over 15 years in Both Canada and US. Its durability and quality win the loyalty and respect from across the country


Poly Rope

The traditional poly rope is tough and reliable at all kind of place


A Series Inflatable PVC Buoy

Our all-purpose A Series buoys are designed for use in most marine conditions, from high seas to calm lakes. Versatile design is perfect for use as a marker buoy in most applications. Constructed of UV and chemically resistant PVC


Flag Pole for mark buoy

High Visibility flag pole is the best way to find your pot in the tough sea.


Rope & Float combo for Shrimp Trap

We have different rope and float combination for Shrimp & Prawn trap 


Non-Lead Composite Sinking Line 

Environment friendly! Our new developed composite Non-Lead sinking Line loved by our customer because it is not including any heavy metal in it. protect our water from metal pollutions 


High Density Bullet Float

These high density solid PVC foam bullet floats are tough, weather-resistant, and have a long service life. Used for shark fishing, crabbing, Shrimping, traps, nets, and more.


Our Other float

You will find more floats here for your nets, traps and Line 


Rope & Float combo for Crab Trap

We have different rope and float combination for crab trap 

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A Series Buoy and Anchor Lift combo

Anchor list is a useful tool when you try to lift your anchor or Shrimp pot from the bottom of the sea

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