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Fishing Tackle Accessories

Landing Net

We offer different types of fishing landing net for your need, Please click on the below bottom for detail


Rods Holder

We have different type of rods holder for both boat and personal use


Fishting Belt

Fishing fighting belt make it easy and comfortable when you fight with your big hookup

TS-J1 A.jpg

Flasher bag 

Our vented flasher bag keep your flasher organized and safe, we have both salmon flasher (12") and kokanee flasher flasher bags


Cannon Ball Snubber

Kufa trolling snubbers are equipped with a ball bearing swivel on one end
and a quick release snap on the other end. Choose the right length for your
trolling need.
We have three lengths to choose from 15”, 20” and 30”.


Fish Wacker

We have 3 different fishign wacker for your need, please check it out!


Fishing backet and bag

We have both fishing backet and bags for hold your fish


Harpoon & Gaff

We have different type of Hand gaff and Harpoon for both land and boat ues


Fly box

We have both dry and wet flies box


Reel Cover 

We have different size of reel cover for Spinning reel,Bait casting reel, & Fly reel can cover most of the popular  fishing reel on the market.


Speader & T bar

We have different type and size for the speder and T-bar, please click the following button to check the details  

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